Tikka Prefit Carbon Fiber Barrels

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Tikka Prefit Carbon Fiber Barrels

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OMR Tikka Prefits are a true shouldered prefit, meaning no barrel nut is required.  

OMR carbon fiber Prefit barrels are compatible for your Tikka T3/T3X, T3X, Tac A1 and Sako 85 S, 85 M, 85 L actions.  Our barrels start with match grade stainless steel blank, and carbon fiber wrapped to our precision standards.  Available in all Tikka factory calibers in lengths of  18" - 28".  Finished at 1" OMR magnum contour.  Threaded for brake.  Brake not included.

All OMR carbon fiber prefit barrels start with match grade, button rifled, hand lapped blanks. Every blank goes through our rigorous inspection process for tolerances, craftsmanship and material imperfections. Once a blank passes this inspection, only then will it get carbon wrapped using the same state of the art materials and techniques that are employed in the Aerospace industry. We do all this to ensure You, our Customer the lightest, most accurate carbon fiber barrels available on the market today.


Average weights of barrels:

7MM 24”, 5/8"-24TPI = 3lbs 0oz 

7MM 24”, 9/16"-28TPI = 2lbs 12oz

300 WIN 24",  5/8"-24TPI = 2lbs 15oz 


  • Please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery
  • Other configurations available upon request