Tech Info


The following procedure is recommended when breaking-in an Oregon Mountain Rifle Co. barrel and or rifle.

  1. Shoot 1 round and clean. Do this for the first 5 rounds.

  2. Shoot 3 rounds and clean. Do this for the next 15 rounds.

  3. Shoot 5 rounds and clean. 

  4. Shoot a fouler round.

  5. Shoot 3 rounds for accuracy.

NOTE: Allow barrel to cool to ambient temperature before shooting each series of break-in rounds to avoid unnecessary throat erosion. Do not shoot your rifle in succession until the barrel is too hot to touch with a bare hand.  DO NOT USE MOLY COATED BULLETS DURING BREAK-IN.


Once the barrel is broken in, remember to clean the barrel after approximately every 20 to 40 rounds to keep accuracy optimal. A dirty bore is a primary cause of poor accuracy.