Oregon Mountain Rifle Co. wants you to be happy with the purchase of your rifle barrel and stands behind its products.  It is our objective to leave every customer satisfied with his or her purchase.

What does your warranty cover:

  • Your barrel is warranted against any defects in material or manufacturing.

What does your warranty not cover:s

  • We cannot warranty items that are not manufactured by our company.

  • We do not warranty normal wear

  • We do not warranty work done by other companies on our products

  • We do not warranty alterations/modifications done to our products outside our facility.

  • We do not warranty damage caused by misuse or neglect.

  • Accuracy – If you feel that your barrel is not living up to the accuracy that you expect, we encourage you to call us immediately to discuss your options. As the barrel is only one piece of an accurate rifle, we may require that you send in your entire weapon system for inspection to enable our staff to determine the cause of any accuracy issue.

OMR does not have a lifetime warranty on our barrels due to the nature of the item.  Normal wear and tear, throat erosion and other factors such as cartridge load will affect the life of your barrel.

It is important that any issues that you may have with our products be brought to our attention immediately


Given proper care, your OMR firearm will provide a lifetime of service. In the case of a warranty claim, OMR will review the claim to determine the cause of the issue. Any defects in materials or workmanship discovered within 1 year of the original purchase date will be corrected by OMR, free of charge. Any repairs needed as a result of customer negligence, wear from normal use, or abuse can be repaired by OMR for a minimal cost.