Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels
Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels
Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels
Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels
Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels

Oregon Mountain Rifle Co

Remington 700-Remage Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrels

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All of OMR's barrels have a magnum taper, which is 1” at the muzzle (Fits into all Sendero Contour stocks). These barrels will require a Remage barrel nut (not included), threaded for brake, cap or suppressor at 1/2”-28 , 9/16"-28, or 5/8”-24.

All OMR carbon fiber blanks start with 416R Stainless, match grade, button rifled, hand lapped, stress relived  blank.  Every blank goes through our rigorous inspection process for tolerances, craftsmanship and material imperfections.  Match Grade bore must measure within .0005" of our standard diameter and groove cannot vary in diameter more than .0003" for the length of the barrel.  Once a blank passes this inspection, only then will it get carbon wrapped using the same state of the art materials and techniques that are employed in the Aerospace industry. We do all this to ensure You, our Customer the lightest, most accurate carbon fiber barrels available on the market today.

 *Will not fit Christiansen Arms MPR rifle or similar rifles with hand guard.

*Please verify your action is a true 700 Clone. Not all Remington 700 clones use Remington 700 bolt face and or threads. Many custom actions use 1 1/16-18TPI barrel tenon threads. Remington 700 is 1 1/16-16TPI. The term Remington 700 clone only refers to the action fitting into a 700 stock, and using a 700 style bottom metal & trigger.  

Easy to install:

  • Use a 1 1/4" crows foot on torque wrench to achieve proper torque specs
  • OMR recommends to torque our prefit barrels to 75-90ft/lbs.
  • Use caliber specific Go/NoGo gauges before and after tightening the barrel nut to ensure proper headspace.  Can be rented from
  • Once you have installed your new OMR barrel, it is recommended that you have the caliber engraved or stamped before use.  OMR does not do this prior to shipping, because we have no idea where your barrel will time out and properly headspace.  


Average weights of barrels:

300 WSM 24", 9/16"-28TPI = 2lb, 10oz

300 PRC 24", 9/16"-28TPI = 2lb, 7oz

300 PRC 26", 9/16"-28TPI = 2lb, 9oz

300 PRC 26", 5/8"-24TPI = 3lb, 2oz

300 WIN 24", 9/16"-28TPI = 2lb, 7oz

6.5 CREEDMOOR 20", 5/8"-24TPI = 2lb, 8oz

22 CREEDMOOR 18",  5/8"-24TPI = 2lb, 7oz

6.5 PRC 20", 1/2"-28TPI = 2lb, 2oz

7MM 24", 9/16"-28TPI = 2lb, 9oz


  • Please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery
  • Other calibers available upon request