OMR Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake

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OMR Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake

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OMR muzzle brakes have been engineered to provide the greatest recoil reduction of any brake on the market. OMR brakes are a directional brake, no holes on the bottom of these brakes to help eliminate muzzle jump, dirt, dust, snow from flying. Made of 416 stainless steel. Brakes come polished with 1/4“ pilot hole for drill out. Brakes come in 1”, 7/8”, and 3/4” models, available in 1/2”-28 TPI, 9/16”-28 TPI, and 5/8”-24 TPI.

1” and 7/8” diameter brakes are 2.15” long (available in 3 port ONLY)
3/4”diameter brake is 2.50” long (available in 4 port ONLY)

*All brakes require to be timed by qualified gunsmith and require to be drilled out to specific caliber requirements.