OMR Custom Services

Oregon Mountain Rifle Company is proud to provide custom services for your OMR built rifle and/or your non-OMR rifles. 


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Custom Cerakoting

Cerakote is a special coating that is applied to firearms that helps to protect it and increase its durability. This ceramic based finish is applied and helps to increase the material’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strength, and overall hardness. Cerakote helps you protect your investment.


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Muzzle Threading

OMR Muzzle Threading includes the cutting down of your existing steel barrel (if you want it cut down), threading to your desired muzzle threads (3A class of fit), as well as providing a new 11 degree target crown. 


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Bolt Fluting

OMR Bolt Fluting includes the cutting of your existing steel bolt to one of our patterns.


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