OMR Barrel Nuts


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OMR barrel nuts are precisely made to our exact tolerances for Bergara, Remage and Savage prefits barrels. Simply use a 1 1/4″ crows foot on torque wrench to achieve proper torque specs (75-90ft/lbs). We also recommend using proper, caliber specific, Go/NoGo gauges before and after tightening the barrel nut to check proper headspace. Gauges can be rented from

  • Made from 416 Stainless
  • Bergara: 1-1/16” x 16 TPI
  • Remage: 1-1/16” x 16 TPI
  • Savage Small: 1-1/16” x 20 TPI
  • Savage Large: 1-1/8″ x 20 TPI
  • OMR recommends to torque to 75- 90ft/lbs.

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Weight .25 lbs


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