OMR Remington 700 .250″ Thick Precision Ground Heavy Duty Recoil Lug




Precision made Remington recoil lugs that are easy to install. Our profile lugs are less wide and less tall compared to the factory recoil lug, so that they require less stock inletting to achieve the same goal as other profile recoil lugs. Our recoil lugs are manufactured out of 416 HT stainless steel. This specific stainless material we utilize is heat treated prior to machining and is between 28-32 Rockwell hardness. Each recoil lug is surface ground to within .0002″ parallelism or better to prevent any uneven pressures exerted on the receiver and barrel tenon shoulder. Our surface grinding process includes the heavy use of flood coolant to prevent any heat warping and results in a near mirror finish for each lug face. Each of our lugs have an indexing through hole just below the bore to allow the installer to pin it to the receiver. This prevents the lug from ever turning from its proper clocked position. (Hardened dowel pin included)

  • Height 1.700″ +/-.005″
  • Width 1.305″
  • Bore diameter 1.062″-1.065″

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs


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