Shouldered Prefit Barrels


Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to create your custom barrel.

*Contact us regarding 30 caliber, 1-10T availability.

Add Thread Protector (+$40.00)
Add Stainless Brake (4.4 oz) (+$145.00)
Add Titanium Brake (2.0 oz) (+$199.00)
If you would like us to take care of installing your OMR Carbon Fiber Prefit Barrel, please select this option. You will need to ship us your action, bolt and recoil lug(if applicable), or your entire barreled action if you are unable to remove your current barrel. PLEASE BE ADVISED: we WILL NOT return your original barrel if we are removing it. Please remove your STOCK, RAIL, AND TRIGGER before shipping. We will send you an email, immediately after you place your order, with shipping instructions.
Black (+$100.00)
Flat Dark Earth (F.D.E.) (+$100.00)
Burnt Bronze (+$100.00)
Coyote Tan (+$100.00)
Patriot Brown (+$100.00)
Gun Metal Grey (+$100.00)
Sniper Green (+$100.00)
Sniper Grey (+$100.00)
Your barrel and any of the following items you order (examples: muzzle brake and/or thread protector) will be cerakoted in your choice of color. We DO NOT cerakote the carbon fiber on your barrel, just the steel portions.
Black (+$259.00)
Flat Dark Earth (F.D.E.) (+$259.00)
Burnt Bronze (+$259.00)
Coyote Tan (+$259.00)
Patriot Brown (+$259.00)
Gun Metal Grey (+$259.00)
Sniper Green (+$259.00)
Sniper Grey (+$259.00)
Your entire barreled action and any of the items you order with your OMR Shouldered Prefit Barrel, examples: muzzle brake and/or thread protector, will be cerakoted in your choice of color. Your entire bolt will be cerakoted in Elite Black. We DO NOT cerakote the carbon fiber on your barrel, just the steel portions. We will cerakote your rail and bottom metal if you ship them with your action. PLEASE NOTE: your RAIL must be removed from your action.
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OMR Shouldered Prefit Barrels are 100% guaranteed to properly head space with factory configured actions and bolts for all listed actions. Our Carbon Fiber Shouldered Prefit Barrels are custom built to your specifications.  All of our barrels have a magnum taper, which is 1” at the muzzle (Fits “Sendero Contour” stocks).  Our barrels come threaded for brake, cap or suppressor.  If you are running yours suppressed, most likely your suppressor uses the 5/8″-24 muzzle threads, so be sure to choose that option.  

All OMR carbon fiber barrels start with 416R stainless, match grade, button rifled, hand lapped, and stress relieved  blanks.  Every blank goes through our rigorous inspection process for tolerances, craftsmanship and material imperfections.  Match Grade bore must measure within .0005″ of our standard diameter and groove cannot vary in diameter more than .0003″ for the length of the barrel.  Once a blank passes this inspection, only then will it get carbon wrapped using the same state of the art materials and techniques that are employed in the Aerospace industry. We do all this to ensure that our customers receive the stiffest, most accurate, carbon fiber barrel available on the market today. 

Important Note About Trued Actions:  OMR Shouldered Prefits WILL NOT work.  Specifically, if you have had any of the following work performed to your action: the bolt face trued, action body trued or lug work, we cannot guarantee that your barrel will head space correctly. OMR Shouldered Prefits will not work without needing a Gunsmith to check assembly and proper head space and additional chambering and or throat work may be required at owners expense.  Your best option is to start with one of our Carbon Fiber Blanks, and have your local Gunsmith chamber it to your action.

Easy to install:

  • Use an action specific wrench along with a quality barrel vise to install your OMR barrel.
  • OMR recommends to torque your barrel to 75-90 ft/lbs.
  • Use caliber specific Go/NoGo gauges before and after tightening the barrel nut to ensure proper headspace.  Can be rented from

If you are not comfortable installing your Shouldered Carbon Fiber Prefit, please contact your local gunsmith and make sure they will do the install for you. If you or your gunsmith is not able to install the Prefit Barrel, please select the “OMR Prefit Barrel Installation” option at the checkout.  We will gladly help you with this.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Action Type

Ruger, Bergara, Savage


22 Creedmoor, 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 270 WSM, 270 Sherman Short, 6.8 Western, 280 AI, 7mm Rem Mag, 7 PRC, 28 Nosler, 308 Win, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag, 300 PRC, 300 RUM, 338 Lapua, 33 Nosler, 350 Legend, 450 Bushmaster, 375 Ruger

Barrel Length

16.5 IN, 18 IN, 20 IN, 22 IN, 24 IN, 26 IN, 28 IN


Non-Savage Action, Large Shank, Standard/Small Shank

Add Barrel Nut

No, Yes (+$50)

Add OMR Muzzle Cap

No, Yes (+$40)

Muzzle Brake Option

Add Stainless Self Timing Brake (+$145), Add Titanium Self Timing Brake (+$199), No Brake

Add Cerakote

None, Black (+$100), Burnt Bronze (+$100), Coyote Tan (+$100), Flat Dark Earth (+$100), Patriot Brown (+$100), Gun Metal Grey (+$100), Sniper Green (+$100), Sniper Grey (+$100)


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